Friday, March 21, 2014

Finish Something Friday Cuts

With all the various steps to my quilting projects that I have going, I almost forgot today was for finishing something. 

I struggle with easing my need for perfection and balance it with more of a sense of play and relaxation. Of course, I keep my to-do lists so that I can peek over my own shoulder and know the projects are on time.

While I am still working on Baylee's quilt, I did finish hand quilting that border. Its got prairie points on it. Batting needs to be trimmed so it comes to the edge, backing material gets folded over & hand stitched to close it. I am still not sure if I want to be the one to wash it first or give it to her the way it is. 

I've joined an online Spring Mystery Quilt and got Step 2 of it yesterday. Its all about cutting the fabrics that were assembled in Step 1. Cutting takes a lot out of me, standing over the board, measuring, slicing with the rotary. A question comes up for me about what I might be cutting out of my life. Obviously in quilting, one cuts and almost destroys pieces of fabric in the process. With this as a mystery, I have to trust in the process. All my speculation gets me no where. I haven't got an idea at all how this will turn out.

Lately, I have been pondering the energy of 'worrying' and know that its an angst produced in me that is all about projecting into the future. If mystery quilting shows me anything, I can see that my efforts will turn out and make something quite beautiful.

The third project finished is cutting one of the comfort quilts. This month, I brought home fabric to make three tops. The other two aren't cut out yet, and I do think this one will go to the clubhouse with me on Wednesday to lay out on the tables.

I am enjoying the space in there as well as having a designated time to do that kind of work. I have one more quilt ready to baste for this coming week, and then these layouts.

I have decided to drive to the Ocean in the morning. Its about  a 3-hour drive, however, its the MIGHTY BLUE PACIFIC, and its only three hours away from me! With six hours on the road and more than a few hours on the beach, my day is spoken for in such a good way. Relaxing and playing is also a part of quilting.