Thursday, March 20, 2014

Springtime of Spirit

There is a natural flow in nature that changes its seasons. We are always certain that Spring follows Winter. For those of us who have called for the evolution of ourselves, we have a more positive attitude and know that we can endure profound distresses.

There is nothing set in stone regarding the springtime of our spirits, we have to chose it. 

Quilting makes it easier for me.

Yesterday, I was able to use the bigger tables to get some clarity for more than a few of my projects. Last night, I made a to-do list for this day, and laid out the projects I want to work on: Winter Roads, Cedar Lodge, the new  Mystery Quilt, two of the comfort quilts, two totes, and the applique mystery quilt project. It was as though I planted seeds in the dark ground, and try to remember that they come up in the right time...try to remember not to yank them out of the ground. 

Bobbins need to be filled, the strips for the Mystery Quilt need cutting for this next step. Thing is, all this represents the smaller details. 

I can get lost in the details, lost in the plans, lost in the snowstorms and piles. If I let it happen, I can get lost in the angst that comes with my thoughts about family and individual struggles they have, or about my health, my aging, any of those 'wintery' kinds of things that go with the seasons of life.

I am almost finished hand quilting the first border on Baylee's quilt and should be able to finish that part this afternoon.  I love these colors and these fabrics. My biggest concern is whether to wash it before I give it to her. Now that is a big concern, right?

Breakfast first, then on with it. All the details. All the colors and textures and plans. Spring is coming.