Friday, March 14, 2014

Finished Le Challenge: Order

Since making a personal commitment to Finish Something Friday, every week I start thinking about what I have going that I can finish by Friday.

The deadline for LeChallenge is on the 15th, and I really wanted this tote for my quilts. So this bag was my priority.

All week, I've been posting how I selected fabrics, used 2.5" strips for the inside, joined batting scraps for the pieces, and the panel of a yard for the outside.

The work kept bringing ORDER to my stash, using what I had in it, and leading me step by step into re-organizing storage. The goal for making the bag was to have something large enough to carry my quilts either to the guild meetings or to the clubhouse to baste. Order was being built in layers.

This morning, I made the binding, first cutting, pressing, pinning and stitching. I really like doing the hand stitching for the final turn on the binding. 

I put on some tutorials from You Tube so I could watch more quilting tips. Its a great way to continue learning while you work. 

Yes, I multi-task.

The bag is perfect and just what I want. Here is is with all the things I plan to bring with me to Monday's Comfort Quilt meeting. I am so delighted to have order in this way, and I love, love, love my new bag.