Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wonder Women Wednesdays

For as long as I can remember, community service has been important to me. What I used to do effected more people and now what I do has come down to less than 20 at a time, which is fine. In truth, I have more personal contact with less people, so maybe the quality is enriched.

This was another day of basting at the clubhouse so that the small Tai Chi group can meet there when the wild winds are blowing outside. They need a member in order to use the facility and are in the park most of the year. 

I set up my two lunchroom tables around the corner from where they are working in the great room, and can hear them talk about their various moves and what they need to do to be in correct positions. 

It makes me feel good to do regular basting of the quilts I make, so it sends them all to the next stage in their WIP-ingness. (work in progress). 

This morning I worked on my Nephew Cole's quilt. This is from one of the Mystery Quilt classes I attend, including the one that is going right now online. 

For these, you sign up for the retreat, get the fabric list that tells you which values (light, medium, dark, bright) to buy in what amounts, but not what the pattern looks like nor where the colors will fit. Its pretty bright and its named HOLIDAY LIGHTS. Its quite the study in geometrics and was relatively easy to make. 

The online mystery quilt allowed you to gather fabrics from your stash and work with what you have rather than to purchase more. That works for me too. This quilt is being made for one of the people who signed up for the Pay It Forward I am doing this year. I checked with her about colors so it would fit better in her home.