Thursday, March 27, 2014

MQ for Tony

Sometimes, I need to know when to release a project, which is what I did this year for Tony's quilt that was made from an old pattern trying to make pointed houses and treetops. It just wasn't working and I was getting more frustrated than feeling at peace. I don't want to put that kind of energy into a project that will be given to someone to cozy under.

I joined a FaceBook quilting group doing a Spring Mystery Quilt. I decided that I would make one and that however it turns out, it will go to my Great-Nephew Tony. The first week, they gave us time to get the amounts of fabrics we needed. The second week, we were to cut into 3 sizes. Yesterday, instructions came to join 3 different fabrics from the 10.5" strips and press to the middle. I need to do the same joining of the background material today.

I've participated in several Mystery Quilts now, and much to my surprise, they turn out amazing.

Usually adults remember their relationships with kids more than the kids do. When Tony was in 3rd grade, his teacher had them all read this collection and to ask a friend or relative living elsewhere to participate in the adventures. Tony made and sent me a flat Tony version, and I took the paper sketch with me, took photos of us together wherever we went and then wrote back to him. It was fun for me too. And even now, I still call him Flat Tony.

My family all lives in the midwest, and due to the rising cost of travel, I don't get back as much and few of them come out here. So its important to me to stay in contact with them in some way. Some times I am good with that, sometimes the best I can do is send a birthday card.

My goal in quilting has been to make at least one quilt for every family member, and I am doing ok keeping that going. This year Tony's parents will get their quilts. 

What I see happening, however, is that the children have been growing up and some of the older ones are introducing additions to our family. Can I quilt fast enough? 

Tomorrow is 'Finish Something Friday' and with luck it will be Baylee's grad quilt. The binding is almost completed and it will be an on-time finish.  I do not plan to hand quilt often. Machine quilting has taken over most of our work because it can turn out so lovely.

I definitely need the practice.