Monday, April 7, 2014

Falling Behind

I like to keep a "To-Do" list for my projects, whether they are for quilting, gardening, writing, house-cleaning or something else. 
I learned this Franklin DayPlanner system when I worked in Corporate America. Back in the day, I needed to schedule hourly appointments and tasks. The company I worked for paid for the training it took as well as the desk set and refills. I loved it and used it for many years later. People have electronic calendars and easier systems now, making this paper one almost obsolete. 

I keep a simple list of my quilt projects here on a sidebar of this blog and a link above for the finishes. They don't include the other projects I carry on during the days and nights of my life. I do want to keep my life flowing free for my spirit like the free flow of blood within my body, so these lists help. 

I fell behind on the weekly assignments for this Applique Mystery Quilt I am doing. The instructor is on Week Eleven, and I am only on Week Nine. I keep at it, but find it very complex quilting. Each new fabric color requires a thread change on my machine, and they are layered in specific ways. I actually love how it is turning out and am glad for the opportunity to be guided along the process. While it might seem like I am whining, I am not really complaining about the project as much as recognizing my own ways that block the process. 

I think I fall behind on any of my tasks when I start feeling inept. Its that desire for perfection that gets in my way more than anything. When I know how to do a thing, anything correctly, I sail through it. Its when I fear making a mistake or not getting it right that I stop myself from taking the next step.

I plan to keep at this project. Every time I have agreed to take on a Mystery Quilt, the finished work astounds me. I can hardly wait to finish this one and show the results of it.