Friday, April 11, 2014

Finish Fail

Looks like this Friday will be a non-finish day. And that's ok. Its a day for me to be realistic. So be it. How many times have I heard that phrase...'so be it' as if there were no other way to be or live or think or vote or have.

My meditation today led me to see that I never want to be realistic when it comes to looking at injustices or misery. I never want to chose blindness that happens when we turn away from the unacceptable. As yesterday moved along, I found myself getting stressed that every quilt project I had in front of me was something that could not be finished on Friday.

The April Calendar block was finished this week for Rex. I call it "After the Rain". It has a woven look to the strips & is quite pretty.

So much in our world is not pretty. Far too many terrible things happen to good people. And too many nasty people seem to be the ones in power.

"So Be It" is a phrase I am using today to declare a personal war on spiritual blindness so that I can really see clearly what I am doing, whether or not I keep a personal value and freedom or if I fall into an injustice to myself.

I stopped by the library to pick up a few books I requested and plan to spend time browsing the hundreds of examples for quilting blocks. Hundreds! And now I am willing to see them, willing to consider making them, willing to stretch my skills.

Also, I worked on two quilts this week. One is for my Niece Lisa that I named "Burr - Snow Gals" and the other is for my Granddaughter Alandra that I named "Rising Star". Both have lots of steps with lots of small pieces and both will take time.

I am giving a shout out to beauty this the block for Rex, to the quilts for Lisa and Alandra, and to me, sitting back and turning pages.