Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Calendar Block

Its always so exciting to see the Calendar Blocks that Rex from http://crowcallingwoman.blogspot.com/ sends each month. This swap has become a real celebration of life for me. Rex, in all her creativity and generosity has become a messenger of grace in my life. For each block we make, we test our creativity, for each month we successfully ship our blocks out, we find personal treasures to share in both resources and skills.

This one is so sweet! It will be a great addition to the quilt I put together when we finish our swap. The green is a little different shade here and the blue is true to color.  It is very much like a log cabin and yet goes beyond.

I already put hers in the link above "Calendar Block Swap". So funny that we both did rain themes. Mine is called "After the Rain". The pattern I used is called 'Twist Block' and while I have the printed pattern, it doesn't include the source for it. I am sure that it can be found online again. This block was the second pattern I worked on for April. The first one just wouldn't come together for me so I put it aside and started new. I love how it turned out.

The other thing I worked on the last few days is finishing the current step for the Spring Mystery Quilt. It still looks like a jumble of fabrics at this stage. The darker burgundy is the background and I am scrap piecing the rest of it. There aren't too many steps left to it. This one is planned for my Great-Nephew Tony and replaces one I started for him that frustrated me too much to finish. Also, the frustration is not something I want to pass on to the young man. This one makes me smile. 

Frustration can steal the joy I get in quilting and makes me feel like it is a thief in my heart.

Every morning, before I get started with my day, I spend just a few minutes feeling grateful, making sure I have forgiven people who, like frustration, have stolen a fragment of my joy. The closer folks are to me, the more chances they have to bring either joy or heartache...if I let them.