Friday, September 11, 2015

12 Gifts For a Swap

Although partners will not be assigned until October 1, I created a 12-point list for ideas, and as a way to check off what I might have and see what I need. Suggestions for the gifts are to find a way to 'number' them or associate the number. Of course, most of them need to be tailored to fit the partner's needs and requests.

This weekend also marks the point in the month where I do a 'Second Sunday Simplify'. And when I thought about that, of course, I want to simply my fabric stash. 

I pulled out the cut squares bin. I pulled out one of the smaller bins inside it. and see that there are three sizes that I've either cut or have received cut. I'd like to say that everything is cut to size. I found 5", 6.5" and some in between. 

Those in between squares are what I wanted to trim up and include in my 12 Days of Christmas Swap for day #6. I started cutting all the odd sizes into either 6" or 5". I'll keep the fives and give my partner all the sixes. With luck the small packet of 6" squares will total 36, or 6 x 6. I'll sort them by color too. the swap requires that we include fabric totalling a yard. Well, this is 36" end to end and 6" wide. Its a start. And its a lot of time to do.

I have another goal with all my scraps and that is to make myself 'kits' for next year's projects. What I think, for today at least, is that my 'kits' will be for either tops or backs. It may be an ambitious goal, but its part of simplifying my stash.