Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wait. What?

I love that comment. Wait. What? It actually identifies this day perfectly.

I bought a yard of fabric that has absolutely no purpose for what I am working on. It's just a unique print and a bit wild. I need wild right now. It has a sort of illusion quality to it, AND it is going against what I said about using up what I have. 
So why did I buy it? 

I actually was looking for this finger protection for my hand quilting. This is the second package I've had, and with 70 dots, they do last. I put one on each night I do the hand quilting and even though I've gotten better at rolling the needle, this adds a barrier to protect the finger when needle pushing.

My learning style is "Audio-Kinesthetic-Visual" so when I walk into a fabric store (or even my own closet), its like being overwhelmed with eye candy. Its compelling, addicting. All the colors, patterns and textures have me spinning. Which is one reason I don't shop. I know this crazy fabric will go on some project and it will be stunning.

I have made progress on the Teacher Gifts for this season. With the Lil Twister template, I can get one larger table topper, and then the mug rug for the second gift of that season. The mug rug will only get batting, back and binding. And the table topper needs piping to make a distinct separation for the border, then the batting, back and binding. This was yet another distinct look. Its pretty random even with the light-dark-light pattern. I was going for fall leaves in a pile. Its not a complete project yet. And that is part of the fun of it all. Eventually, I will use the larger template for full quilts and doing these smaller table toppers gives me some insight as to how they might turn out.

My bobbins are out of light thread, so next is the black thread for Amy's Cat quilt. That too, is getting there.