Sunday, September 6, 2015


In my opinion, all of us need people in our lives who interact with compassion. We need to give it. We need to receive it. We need to be self-compassionate, or compassionate towards ourselves. With compassion, we are able to see intentions beneath the mistakes, effort beneath the failure. It is said that compassion is a state of being in touch with what is the bright, beautiful and flawed nature of humanity.

I need to look in the mirror more. Certainly that definition applies to me.

I finished the binding on my Brother-in-Law's quilt. Its off the sidebar to-do list. Getting there.

I spent time cutting and sorting fabric squares and pulled out fifty 5" charms, plus the balance of the 6.5" Halloween squares from a swap last year. I agreed to make some gifts for six teachers in the Infant Center in town; three table toppers and three mug rugs. Two will be given for three holidays: Hallows, Thanksgiving, and at Winter Solstice (well, OK, they celebrate Christmas). What's nice about the Lil Twister I plan to use on two of the table toppers is that there are leftover scraps to make mug rugs.

As I sorted, it is apparent that I am way over-stocked and definitely need to get quilting. I need a plan. Or patterns. Before I promise someone a quilt (mini or full size), I want to make some quilts so that I have a stash of finished quilts rather than a stash of fabric.