Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Starburst Twist Mystery

Today is the September Equinox, all about being in balance. We are who we are--no more, no less. It is a moment in the year where we can accept ourselves without needing to feel that any change in us is required.

It always brings a sense of satisfaction when I finish a quilt. Oh, I complain about these mystery quilts because the way the patterns are written, you never know what they will turn out. I have been mighty lucky with all of them I have made. Mighty lucky. Sure, when they wrap up, I get to thinking that if I had known better, I might have made this fabric choice vs. the one that went into it, and then, I look at the finish and am so pleased.

The border fabric is the focus, and usually the instructions for a mystery quilt say to select that fabric first and coordinate the other choices. In this case, it required lights, darks, and brights. I also used a dark green and gold stripe for the binding. I am loving how stripes make everything pop in ways other fabrics do not. It was the exceptional purchase for this quilt. Oh and the back too. I wanted something more plain for the back so that it could be reversible. Its the golden tone with a light pattern.The quilt took a lot of scraps to make it happen.

I pre-washed it with Color Catchers just in case some of those reds decide to bleed, and both of them that I put in did absorb color. My Niece passed almost 2 years ago now from leukemia, and my Sister goes in and out of grief regularly. I don't want to put an additional thing on her plate that is as simple as washing instructions. I will send some of the Color Catchers along with the quilt, and can feel better knowing that the majority of risk is reduced. It is drying on my shower door.

Remembering that we are who we are in this moment and that sometimes smiling is enough to do our part in making the world a better place.