Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not at All Too Early For Skeletons

I think that every time I re-do my stash, its like finding skeletons in my closet; or perhaps things I have hidden even from myself. My closet was organized, and labeled. 

The first thing out was the family scrapbook project. Rico sits on the photo box which is on the papers box next to the two albums. Nothing will get done on it if it stays in my closet. Once I get going on the scrapbook project, I create pages that please me. They are becoming lovely books.

In truth, unless things come out of any closet, they are just unfinished business and stay hidden. How much like life this is. 

My plan for this coming year of 2016 is to finish as many of these unfinished projects as I can. I never considered them UFO's, but truth be told, now, with the new 'Quilter's Code', they were re-labeled and put together in a bin. They will soon be WIP's - works in progress, or PHDs - projects half done, and more importantly TIH - there is hope. Meanwhile, I separated all other projects into the new codes, which make a lot of sense to me now, more defined. Even if I never get to the Nesty bin in 2016, I know that they have never been started. What will be important is to finish what IS started. 

I've actually got six bins of potential projects. More than a few of them have designated recipients including 3 Great-Nieces and all 7 Grandchildren. Most of them are really close to completion, yet under the new code are probably PHDs or projects half done. Its quite probable that they will go out in 2016. See? Here I sit with a brand new plan without knowing how life will twist and turn. 

Goals are good to have. Plans. Projections. Hopes and Dreams. All these are in my closet. And maybe they have switched from being skeletons to being ghosts. Just in time for Hallows....bahawwaaaa!