Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Keep Going

What great advice. Keep going. When I decided to take up quilting, I had no idea what I was in for as I practiced this new activity. Like anything worth doing, it takes training, learning, practice and all those other good things you get when you do something.

It took me awhile to do these today, although I made soup and a pie, and wrapped more gifts to ship out tomorrow. I am not a fan of the Maple Leaf block, though it turned out nice. The thing about doing this project is that all the fat quarters, framing and border fabrics coordinate. Its going to make up a lovely quilt. Mysteries compel me all the time.

The second block I finished today is the Desert Cactus. It's fine but again, not my favorite of all the possible basket-type patterns. These come one after the other and so I am not sure I will place them together when I finish the quilt. In a few days, the block for October will be posted.

My light thread ran out of the bobbins, and before I thought about putting black in some for Amy's quilt, I replaced them all with light.

Keep going.

Onward to work on more of the Winter Solstice gifts. I laid out fabric for two more projects, both of which are aprons. Aprons are not easy to make. And cotton wrinkles whether they are store-bought or hand made. They have come into fashion again. However, it almost takes a commitment from the person owning one to put it on. I really want to wear mine and yet made both soup and a pie yesterday without taking my apron off its hanging place. I have no expectations from those who receive them. I understand how hard it is to make changes.