Friday, September 25, 2015

No Photo AGAIN

I made up the cutest mug rug for my younger Son's Lady-Friend and I didn't take a photo of it before sealing it into the mailing envelope. I even wrapped it for her birthday. I guess some things are not meant to show. Acceptance and gratitude are the fuel meant to give us the wisdom to live life as it happens and rejoice in what we have.

I don't remember celebrating my own birthdays over the years, yet love surprising others either with simple cards or small gifts. I loved having parties for my Sons as they were growing up too. Yet, I know that for some people, special events can be heartbreaking if they remind them of all the disappointments they had in not being remembered, not getting any gifts or getting gifts they didn't want.

That happened to me too. I still laugh at the year I started telling people my birthday was on July 4th, so that there were parties everywhere across the country for me. It helped for several years and then I got over it. Yet, some still send me cards in July rather than in April. 
And then, Alice in Wonderland's story line from 1871 in Through the Looking Glass presented an "UN-birthday" party. Oh what fun! The story said that out of the year, we all have 364 unbirthdays to celebrate. Oh Wow, the real huge positive twist. And this is an old story! Imagine my surprise when I realized it had been a human issue for more than a century.

Therefore, when I think of all the photos I have taken, having a few here and there that get missed is no big deal. It is what it is, right? Right.