Thursday, September 24, 2015

Such Craziness

Every time I start a project, it begins with cutting apart perfectly good fabric. Its all about creating possibilities rather than looking at liabilities. Every time, I use a pattern and whatever fabric I have or purchase, I am usually making my own choices rather than buying a particular fabric grouping.

It is not asking, "What if?" as much as it is asking "Why not?"

Every once in awhile, motivational stories circulate about people who go against the odds in their lives, reaching beyond imagination. I can be so inspired one minute and then start finding all sorts of excuses that prevent any sort of action.

This week, I am working on Winter Solstice gifts. Small things, not full size quilts. I am also working on clearing up the various swaps I joined.

Lately, I've been thinking I want to get back to a writing project I began years ago. Its a re-telling of the legend of LaBefana, the Italian gift-bringer. Its been evolving as sort of historical fiction and contains a lot of folklore, which is right in line with my interests. I wonder what writing her story has to do with quilting, and then think it doesn't matter if they are not in alignment.

I've been experiencing the release of numerous obligations in the last year. Its a scary process that inspired me to re-examine my entire life, re-organize bookshelves, closets and projects. So these two questions of What If? and Why Not? are pretty real, pretty deep, pretty risky.

I did a few more seams on Amy's Cat quilt. What a bad choice to take them apart! Oh well, I am in it for the finish and learned the lesson that sometimes you cannot go back. Or perhaps shouldn't.

Jake's Christmas quilt is moving along each night with the hand quilting. I plan to finish the last block and a half and start on the sashing. 

And I am making progress with the Aprons.

Through it all, I am writing more of LaBefana's story in my head. I've always written like that. Thinking it through before I sit down to join words into sentences, paragraphs and pages. Its still swirling around inside me, but closer.