Saturday, September 26, 2015

On The 12th Day

A new sort of 'Secret Santa' swap I joined this year is called The 12 Days of Christmas. In it, you send numbered gifts 1-12 for the 12 Days. For Day #1, there is to be the number one represented in it. Then, each succeeding day, like Day #2, there are two-somethings; Day #3 there are three-somethings, and on to Day #12. 

The rules are quite simple: Keep your identity a secret until the 12th Day when you include a card saying who you are; keep to a $30 spending limit (not including anything you might wish to give from your stash), included at least one handmade gift to be opened on Day #12, and include at least one yard of fabric (could be in segments like fat quarters, fat eighths, etc.). We filled out profiles for more suggestions and preferences.

Just in case I forget, here is a photo of the handmade project, though it is far from complete. I laid it out in dark-light-dark order, using up 5" scraps of holiday fabrics. It is a 22" square table topper. My partner says her favorite color is red, and I have learned that red is best as an accent, even during the winter holidays. This size/shape is a favorite of mine to make this year, though the Lil Twister makes up really great looking rectangular shapes as well. 

I did two things to keep myself on track with this swap: First was to make a list of what I was planning to include even though it might change; Second was to put $30 in an envelope and place receipts inside the envelope. I've found a box that might work to ship and have started wrapping. Yes, that means no photos for the few that are already tapped with ribbons over their papers. I will do my best to photograph the remaining days.