Saturday, September 5, 2015

Easier Online

I've heard it said, often, that what we think about we bring about. Sooner or later, they say, our thoughts become reality. Makes sense to me, then, to think as many positive thoughts as we can whether or not we believe them in the moment.

While I did shop in the local stores, albeit KMart-the only store in town, for something 'Greenbay Packers', I ordered a couple of yards of fleece that were on sale at JoAnn's. It was less expensive, even with tax and shipping, than the same size fleece cover in the store. AND it was better quality. I like this plaid look, which seems so much like a football blanket. There is time for me to consider making it two layers or just doing a blanket stitch around the outside. It is a throw for my #2 Granddaughter's beau for Winter Solstice. Plenty of time.

Last night, I ran into a couple of SNAFU's with two of the quilts I was doing hand work on. I had forgotten the rule of quilting from the center out and had quilted down the sides. There was a wrinkle, and so I had to rip out the quilting stitches from one of the blocks to smooth it. The other SNAFU was on my Brother-in-Law's quilt.  For about 12-18", the binding didn't get enclosed with the seam end, so that had to be ripped and re-stitched. Both are fine.