Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It Takes 2 Days

Those fleece throws make a quick gift if you don't mind fleece. And we can only do a certain amount of things in a certain amount of time. I guess its about creating priorities.

For instance, I COULD get a ladder and trim the two ash trees in my back yard. The Westerly winds blow fiercely here in town so that many trees lean to the East. And that means, in my yard, they are starting to lean on my roof. There was a time (5 years ago even), that I trimmed all three of my trees. But, now, I don't want to. Its not safe, I am not as strong and I don't want to.

The fleece throw is completed. Non-seamstresses all over the world make these non-sew throws. And they look nice for as long as they last. The top side of this one is the Green Bay pattern, and the back is the solid yellow. Fringe, when it is tied the same every tie around it lays the solid on the front and the print on the back. Its nice. Its only a one-person throw unless two people cuddle under it, but that is fine.

I'm not a fan of the smell from synthetics. However, I will lay it out with some Lavender (if I can find some in my drawers) and it should clean up the synthetic a bit.

And now onto finishing up the last few quilts for this year.