Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The Moon was red again tonight. Oh she wasn't quite as round, and the red wasn't quite as bright and there was no eclipse. And I bet there weren't crowds of people looking out into the night. The nature of her cycle is to wax (grow, expand), shine brilliantly for a few nights in her full glory, wane (dissipate, relax, finish, release) and then go dark, resting, waiting.

I fell behind on the BOM (blocks of the month) and so am working now to catch up. The patterns for these two blocks were printed, and I pulled colors from the box. #6 is a Maple Leaf. #7 is called a Cactus Pot. 

Pieces for these blocks were selected and cut.

I finished Day #12 for the 12 Days of Christmas swap and now need to wait for the fabric to come in for Day #4. I wrapped everything else without taking photos. Its going to be a wonderful swap that should be delightful to open.
For Day #8, I cut 8 fat eights from my stash. The pieces are 9x22, which is half the width of a fat quarter--18x22. I found an old blog that folded them into lollypops! I took some chop sticks I had in a drawer, broke them in half and smoothed out the rough edges, and folded away. The tutorial (pic from it) made the first fold in half so it became the size of a fat eighth. I didn't get the plastic wrap to cover each one, nor the jar, but they turned out this cute. I folded them around the chop sticks and pinned them to keep them in place. Here is the link if you want to see how they are created.