Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aprons for Solstice

My journey for this week is working on the Aprons I plan to give for Winter Solstice gifts. I am still overwhelmed with just how difficult or at least time consuming they are to make. I made myself an apron decades ago that often just hangs on a cupboard door knob. I am making an effort to use it whenever I bake and have yet to put it on when I cook.

One of the swaps I am in is for a holiday half apron. I found a 1930's pattern that reminds me of the Dresden Plate patterns. This pattern calls for three coordinating fabrics. My partner requested either poinsettias or holly in traditional green/reds or snowflakes on blue. This is what I came up with from out of my stash. My fabric scraps had to be the correct sizes, so it was challenging to find three of the correct lengths and widths for the cuts. For instance, the black was wide enough for the blades and not long enough for the ties. The green Holly was long enough for the ties and not wide enough for the blades. 

And based on my resolve to shop from my closet, I can only give from what I have. It is turning out to look festive. As a hostess apron, it will look nice over a simple black dress.

We wear about the same size, so when I held it up to my own body, the original 5 panels called for in the pattern seemed too narrow, therefore, I added another two more blades to make it 7. I need to do a bit of research for some terms used in finishing, like 'overcast'. I think I know what that means, yet want to be sure.

And yes, there is still a lot of hand work to be done on my last two quilts. Of course, with black thread in my machine, its a good time to work on Amy's Cat quilt.