Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cutting is Hard on the Knees

I cut the borders on Isabella's quilt, and then pieced them because Carol (quilting friend in town) and I are taking a road trip in the morning. Its 62" square and so will need almost 4 yards of back. It really looks amazing. Everything but the green border on it was a scrap or a gift from someone.

The other cutting projects on my to-do list were quite tedious and I have yet to finish with the 4 7/8" squares, some of which need cutting on the diagonal and some need a sewing line drawn. Light has dimmed now the sun is setting and my knees are feeling a bit stressed even though I had a cushioned carpet under my feet. Its not a race.

Admittedly, I was shaking my head at both the reds and blues. Even though I pre-washed them with Color Catcher, I know this one will get pre-washed again with even more of the product before I give it away. I am not selling this product, yet I am sold on it to catch the loose dyes in fabrics. I ran both colors separately with 2 of these sheets and both sets of sheets were heavy with either red or blue. I think it is interesting that those are the main colors on the box.