Monday, November 9, 2015

Homemade Ornament

Usually, I pass by the patterns and tutorials for holiday ornaments. I used to make them most years when my Sons were young (how long ago THAT was!). Yet I found this one on You Tube and made it today: folded fabric pinecone ornament
This one actually turned out quite nicely though I had to really hunt for the artificial greenery to go on top. The instructor has a lot of samples and is a really great tutorial to make these. It calls for those egg-shaped styros, a box of speciality pins (2 pins for every square in case you cut more of them), a piece of ribbon, liquid glue, hot glue. One FQ of a brown print will make two ornaments. I used a batik and it gave it a lot of character. It gets cut into 45 - 2" squares (for each pinecone) that are folded in quarters and pinned onto the egg with a dab of glue. I wouldn't say its a craft for kids, but maybe, depending upon their skill and ability to stay focused. I wish I would have cut more 2" squares because I would have liked its top filled in a bit. Making one was enough for me even though I prepped for it a few days ago.  I also wish I had found the stuff for the top before I got started. I don't like junky looking crafts and the stores in town do not have a lot to pick from. This is actually nice. I sure do like that asymmetrical look in almost everything I do.

I found a decorated box for it and plan to ship it out to Brother and his Wife. We don't exchange gifts, but I am ever grateful for all the care he provides our Mother. It is a small token of my appreciation.