Thursday, November 5, 2015

Isabella's Autumn

Pieces to the center part of this quilt are done. Now it needs a sage green for a border between the center and outside border. I think the same fabric would look nice for the binding. 

I want to put a quote on the back when I write my name and date for Isabella on a quilt label. I love this one by a female poet who is a favorite of mine. It captures my love for the spirit of the season, the bird, and the Earth. Perfect quote.

The pieces went together quite easily. The pattern has the border just added to it, however, I want to make it a tad larger and shopped for a green. I am still not sure if it would take a flannel back or a cotton print. And I am not sure if it would work better with a fluffy poly batting or cotton. If I do poly, then I would tie it. If it is cotton, then it needs to be machine quilted. I would make this quilt again with the 3" squares. Also, the triangles can be cut from the 8" squares, and the strips from any of the 2.5" strips. It just needs a theme and coordination.

The more I look at the photo, the more I think it will work with machine quilting a grid. I think I might run stitches on the top, use poly batting and tie it.

Then I cut 90 - 2" squares for the folded Acorn Holiday Ornament. Its for my Sunday free time. I have two round styro balls that I may make up too. When I was newly married, I made all the ornaments for our trees for many years. They were sweet, silly and cheap. I wish I had photos of them, but didn't have a camera and didn't think much of what I had done. However, now, I cherish the memories.