Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Found! The Missing BOM Box

After going through the bins again, ripping off the tag that said the BOM box was inside, I turned to my workstation to organize it. Of course, there it was in plain sight. Plain sight. Anyway, I refolded the fabric that was in the box, laid out the blocks I have to see how they look, and selected two pieces to make block #9, still waiting to do #8 which is 'Courthouse Steps' and is really scrappy. Personally, I would have made that one #12 to finish it up...but hey.

I also worked on a few mug rugs my friend Debi hinted at. I made a small 5" one for her Grandson. I know he is at the stage where he will whip them off the table and send them flying across the room. He is the most darling boy. This is really scrappy. Notice that the binding is two fabrics with the lighter one on top and the darker one at the bottom. There wasn't enough to go around. 

I had more 6.5" squares from the holiday square swap last year, and am able to make these four with the same print on the back. The binding is a scrappy 2.5" strip. I did a very simple grid on all of them and wish I had thought about doing concentric lines. Next time.

I realized that I don't want to do anything complex until I move some more of the fabric I have and find the spaces to breathe. For now, these simple projects make me happy.

Next on my to-do list is getting back to cutting. Isabella's quilt needs two borders; the BOM is ready for block #9; I need to start the red/white/blue quilt-along; and all those House Blocks from July to November are due. When I cut, I know that the metaphor makes a strong impact on me. In this case, for quilting, it is an act of destruction, slicing into perfectly good fabric with the hope of creating something more when it joins with other pieces.