Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paper Projects (not paper piecing)

I wrapped a few of my finished gifts and have them ready for shipping. I also spent time getting holiday cards ready. Am I early? Maybe for some folks. Two gifts are going out of the country; one to Austria (not Australia) and one to the UK. Most of my quilts and holiday mini quilts need to go the week of Thanksgiving and if I wait too much longer, it will be stressful to finish. AND I closed down my POBox for the end of December, so want to get holiday cards out early this year too...I don't always send them, but its a way to tell people that there is a different address to use AND to send them a holiday greeting. I have noticed that people are not sending out cards as much. I hope they don't feel pressured to reciprocate, however, that is their choice.

I bought a box of 40 Hallmark cards on sale the other day, and started by putting on the new Snoopy Forever stamps, and new return address labels. I made up a simple announcement of the change, cut them apart, and tucked one in each card. Then I printed off address labels and after simplifying it, still have 70 addresses on my list, not including cards for the Grandchildren. I will need to buy more and plan to head to the store and the PO to start shipping out of the country. Busy work. Sometimes I really dislike it, but sometimes, it has to be done. And I am the only gal to do it!

It felt like the day was ill spent, in truth. Maybe this is another reason why folks dislike sending cards. The world has turned electronic and it has become easier to push buttons and send out e-cards. Reduced cost/reduced trash, yes. Yet, what about the card makers, the card designers, the postal workers? What's more, what about tradition? What about the folks not online? Happy Mail? Oh Jeeze. Something got me started.

It was a surprise to have that long a list, and I did cut it down by changing my address in one group I belong to. My intention to write is always good, and I know when I get a letter, a card, or one of the swaps, it simply makes my day happy. I belong to the Boomer Generation, and yet have those communication tendencies of the Traditional Generation before me. Yet, there are times when I hear from some that their kids keep every card I send them.

That gets me thinking about all the stuff we save that really has no intrinsic value, but connects us to someone. Every once in awhile, I come across a card or note from someone who has crossed the rainbow bridge. It does make me stop and remember them in a way that is deeper for some reason. And when I think of them, I really believe that we had a good relationship that their card sort of spoke to.

There are so few elders left in my family. And all of them, except Mother are living alone, still independent. So yes, before spending too much more time on the Solstice cards, these are about 5-6 cards for Thanksgiving that need to be sent out. I want to write in the card, not just sign my name. Its the little notes that make it personal. I am not sure what I will write. Just write. 

This is the plan for the entire weekend. Write. Connect. Paper projects.