Sunday, November 8, 2015

Paper Project Weekend

I wrote out several postcards to send to a few people in my life, mostly kids, and some elders. It takes just a minute to write a note and send the card on its way.

When I got to the store, I found one last specially priced box of holiday cards. The clerk said they would not get in more of the same, so 'whew'. The find of the day was this group of Star Wars toys with candy. Some times, its fun to pander to the sense of play for my Sons. These are not sox, nor jockey shorts, nor leather gloves. The clerk commented that I lucked out with these as well. 

The PO was just that. Pay for packages sent overseas, and buy two more sets of stamps. I tried to purchase brighter lightbulbs at Home Depot, and as luck would have it, the brighter ones are more scarce then I thought. 

I need to print off more return address labels and get to writing notes inside of the cards. My handwriting has always been hard for others to read, so I sort of print and only do a few at a time.  Another thing that happens to me as I write is getting into the relationship and when I am real, there is an emotional cost to the work. I cannot explain it other than those words. 

What I did get while I was out is the increasing stress from other shoppers. If my purchases were any measure for what happens, then its easy to see how the best of what is out there goes off the shelves right after Halloween. I don't want to be out shopping any more this year to feel that stress. I am sensitive to the energy others put out and feel it drain me to the core of my soul.