Monday, November 30, 2015

Paper Pieced Quilt is Finished!

Although it is finished, this was the most difficult project for me so far, and only love for my friend kept me going on it. Determination to get it done and do the best I could provided the energy.

Its the only quilt I have taken to a long-arm shop to get done but was very worth the price. She said she top quilted it so she could meander over the joins that were 'iffy'. I reinforced a few more that kept popping up. Now it is what it is.

I tried hard to stay positive while working on this quilt. Amy is a breast cancer surviver, though she did develop lympodema and has a permanently swollen arm and hand. It was important to me to stay positive and put positive energy into it.

I made this quilt in honor of a black cat she had who passed over the rainbow bridge.  As I look at the photo here, it is lovely. What I hope is that she can look at it with softened eyes and not see the mis-matched seams.

Done is done. 2015 is done.