Friday, November 27, 2015

Small Wound

The finger continues to heal yet makes all work difficult. Its not that I am whining, just stating facts. I keep wondering if I needed a time out. Thing is, even with this, I find it most difficult to merely sit around.

One of my Nieces sent me a book as a Thanksgiving gift that I find most enchanting. Its historical fiction and written in a most interesting way. It is giving me the opportunity to do something that doesn't stress the finger. The storyline brings in a character from the other side in WWII, who now is in his 90's. Picoult researched her material so as to inspire the reader to think outside the usual concepts.

Amy's quilt is at the stage of binding. I've had to reinforce seams YET AGAIN. How many times I've done this and here more popped apart. The long-arm work is stunning. Already I am thinking about making one with regular piecing for her. At least now I can say I did a paper-pieced quilt. I want it ready to ship by Tuesday with the rest of my Winter Solstice gifts. And I need to keep the bandage dressing on the finger. Amazing how little bumps to the wound can evoke such pain.