Monday, November 2, 2015

Movies to Work by

The two projects currently happening here are finishing up the Tree Wallhanging, and rolling dollar bills.  I took time to dampen and press a lot of the older dollar bills so they would crisp up. That was smart. Then separating them into three piles of worn, creased and crisp, I started rolling, rolling, rolling.

To make such mundane work go easier, I put on the more recent King Kong movie. The story is one of injustice at many levels, but was three hours long, so gave me a chance to finish the dollar bill rolling project. I need to go back to the bank and get more bills to have the gifts that are planned for the Grands and younger Greats in the family. Its still not an easy gift like tucking larger bills into cards would be, but will give the kids something to open. I also put the finished quilts into boxes and have smaller boxes ready for these dollar gifts.

Next to finish up was adding all the charms or findings and buttons to the second of the Tree Wallhangings. I plan to wrap the gifts before sealing them in their boxes so that they arrive festive. Part of the reason I do this is for me so that I am engaged in the celebration. I will also need to write cards and print off care instructions. I know that everyone will open their gifts right away and that is perfectly fine. 

Movies I watch while I am working need to be ones I have seen before so I can listen and look up from time to time. I don't really want to engage in them. Luckily they can be found on Crackle, You Tube, and occasionally on Hulu. My computer is heating up again but not the way it was before it got serviced. I know its a matter of time when it will go out.

I pre-washed the blues I bought the other day and the 2 Color Catchers came out of the wash a very deep blue. My guess is that for as much color as was caught there is still more to come. Thing is, if this one fades to a lighter blue, its so much better than if the red faded to a pink.  So sad even good fabrics are doing this.