Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Healing Time

My finger is healing. Most tasks are easier than typing. 

I've been endlessly rolling dollar bills for gifts. I put 15 in each of five gift bags along with mini ornaments and some shred for the Great-Nieces/Nephews. That's 75 tiny rolls. Its mindless work and took an entire evening to finish. Next are the ones in toilet paper rolls for the Grandchildren. 

I was able to finish my cards too and would like to make a trip out to mail them. My other POBox has yet to forward mail but closes at the end of the month.

AND THEN, joy of all joys! Amy's Cat quilt is finished. The long-armer knew my angst over some of the joints and quilted from the top to ensure the seams held. I cannot believe how lovely it turned out. As soon as all these gifts are wrapped and in shipping boxes, it frees up my work station to make the binding. I am excited to finish it.