Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Simplify

Although the binding is not quite finished on Amy's quilt, I did get all the rolled dollars done, all the gifts wrapped and in shipping boxes, today is a day I plan to go through all my clothes and clear out the clutter. 

With all the quilting deadlines and pressure I felt to complete them, this project fell by the wayside. So for now, I am going through my home to get things done. Its interesting to see how I let certain things go in order to quilt. I wonder if it will be different this year without all the deadlines.

Yesterday, I finished tearing down the wooden arbor and filled the second trash container of broken wooden slats and cut vines. Maybe next week, I can break it up and finish hauling it out. Then the new wrought iron arbor needs assembling and installing. Of course, more of those cut vines will need to get hauled away. The plants are established so I do hope they will simply grow up and continue flourishing as before.