Thursday, November 12, 2015


Somedays its therapeutic to wish upon a star. When I saw this quilt-a-long, I decided to make it in patriotic colors and perhaps offer it as a quilt someone could use as a fundraiser. 

Its almost a mystery quilt except that a finished pic was shown. Each week, new instructions were given. #1 was to gather the fabrics; #2 was to cut; #3 was A block; #4 was B block. And that is where I am right now.

I let myself get behind and so spent a lot of time this week catching up. The cutting day. What I didn't like (for my skills) is that nothing was pinned. So while A block is finished, I am not sure if all the points will work or if I will have to back track.

Then, B block was the same. These are the HST or half square triangles. In this case, wishing is not enough for me. I need the more practical approach, but let it go the way the instructions indicated. I might take these blocks and do top-stitching just to make sure they are strong enough to hold up to any use. I see seams come apart on quilts, and while it is charming, a lot of people just toss those quilts away or use them for pet beds, which is ok too.

Wishing and work sometimes are not enough by themselves and need both to get the job done. They each have different purposes and its up to me, to anyone, to know the value each has and then to decide which one works best.