Friday, November 6, 2015


I don't know if my machine has an automatic ruffler, so I am back to reading the manual. Sometimes when people make those jokes about men not stopping to ask for directions, I can identify. Maybe it comes from being a triple Aries, you know the archetype; just whack those bushes! And how easy it is to see why I have little success reading patterns. 

Ok. Well, that reminds me too. I put the closed captioning on the computer so all my videos and movies have them running at the bottom of my screen. Last night one of the characters kept saying the word, and the spelling of it was always OKAY. Heck, I go for the shortcut even there. 

No ruffler foot, so I made this apron pattern again without one. Its cute enough and will last a washing or two because the bottom seam where the ruffle is doesn't finish enclosed. Its stitched several times. I may try to figure out a way. I also realized the little mug rug I made for another swap, using this fabric also turned out cute, but I didn't photograph it. I pieced two scraps and did some outline stitches horizontally on the snow, over the trees and the three animals on it. The back was done in a golden star fabric and the brown was its binding. All scraps.