Friday, November 13, 2015

Oh NO! Re-do It For Accuracy

Looking back, I can always find something in my life that I wish I had done over. When I started to square up the B Blocks, it was easy to see that my 1/4" seam allowance was too narrow.  For these HSTs, its really dicey to take the chance that the seam will hold. It is much easier to correct a seam gone wrong before the entire quilt top is constructed. How I wish life were that simple.

Anyway, I set about making corrections on both projects with the HST's even though it took just as much time to correct the issue as it did to first piece it. Dang. I am not sure time was wasted as much as the lesson learned that came from re-tracing my stitches and getting a more accurate seam. Done anyway.

It would be delightful to make changes in our lives that effect its quality as easy as it is to make a stitching correction.

I just sliced the side of my index finger, so will need to rest for a day or so. I plan to pull out magazines and dream awhile. The ER doc said to give it 48 hours.