Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Next Step

In quilting, the phrase "All is lost" is never true. Although the quilt I am making in red and white was based on a pattern I did not follow, a little thinking about what I wanted, and then research, turned up a pattern that I can use. I am going to put these 42 blocks on point, add the same number of white print blocks and do some setting triangles.

While I CAN blame the pain I felt and still feel in my index finger for not thinking clearly, part of my core is about resisting...resisting control, resisting authority. Being stubborn, I guess. Well, here is the link to setting triangles. I am not ready to do them until I finish the top and can measure for the fabric. http://www.setting-triangles.html 

I have two more sides to piece and then will square up all the blocks and alternate them with a same-size white (with red) print block. 
Here is the concept pic, though mine will be extra rows to make up the 42 blocks. I picked up three white print fabrics for the blocks that read solid here. I see that they used some of the setting triangle fabric for some blocks, which I may or may not do, depending upon how far what I have reaches. 
While it is not going to be the same as I first thought, it did become interesting. I had one person in mind for it when I first started and another one now. Maybe that is reason enough for the change in planning.