Friday, February 12, 2016

20 & Two

I finished the two Pet Beds for the fundraiser. The finish-fill came from the 20 blocks made from the 2.5" strips. It was a GREEN quilting day.

This practice of doing something ecologically sound came from teaching environmental issues. It was the practice for participants to mindfully do something new each year that supports the environment in some way. Over the years, I've done such things like composting in a kitchen container as well as digging one in outside, restored my gardens with more of a xeriscaping plan, donated household items that were not being used and more. Most people know the drill and probably do what they can when they become aware that it will matter.

The awareness can filter in from our homes to our workplaces where we can find all sorts of ways to make a difference for our environment.

This year, the new thing is shopping from my closet, so all year long, I may be writing about this experience and the choices I make.