Monday, February 8, 2016

Summer Solstice Blue

I finished binding this quilt and didn't blog on Sunday. It was the kind of day when the world, my small part of it, needed my attention more than blogging about what I was doing. This blog was meant for me to share my spiritual lessons and I guess there were many yesterday that were more of a personal nature and not meant to share so publicly. I am sure you know what I mean.

Being under this quilt as I sewed the binding was quite comforting. I got to see the small 2.5" squares and remembered how I worked to match them and to find a coordinated balance. Now, I smile at that part of my learning because I know that the more variety there is in these squares, the more they match or coordinate. Of course, I would not just give way to total randomness because...well, just because.

I am going to the clubhouse in a few minutes to baste my #3 Granddaughter's graduation quilt. I checked the seams to find one completely not sewn, and clipped threads in the back of it. The back flannel has been pre-washed several times using both Color Catchers and the combo of white vinegar and iodized salt. I plan to purchase the chemical that some quilters use and do a pre-wash once it is hand quilted and the binding is on it. Then it goes to MN with me in June.

Its going to be in the high 60's today, and is already a sunny Monday morning. Great way to start the week.