Thursday, February 18, 2016

Organizing HIdden Containers

I've said it often that organizing isn't a one-time event. I have several 12" square plastic containers, meant more for scrapbooking than quilting that got stacked on a closet shelf tucked in the corner. Although they are clear, after awhile fabric pieces look like all other fabric pieces. I got a ladder and pulled them all down.

Some projects got combined, like the swaps from the Orange, Black & White blocks I requested with the black embroidery blocks I am making. There are 15 O/B/W blocks and 12 cuts of white to embroider Hallows images. I printed off the directions to framing the blocks and with a little calculating, I may be able to combine these two projects into a front and back for a quilt. It seems like I need to make one more O/B/W block, join them and see what they measure at. Then adding a frame and a sashing might be where the matching can take place. I will continue working on the embroidery part and possibly have it ready to do the next step in combining the two sides in 2017.

I did label the containers before putting them back. None of those are for this year.

And then I sorted another grouping I want to make for one of my FB14 this year. After shooting this picture, I rearranged some blocks and joined them in rows. For whatever reason, taking a pic for me is better to get perspective. I have rows pinned. Then it will need a simple white border and I can start cutting with the Lil Twister and piece them for the final look. Originally, I wanted it to look red-white-blue, but may not go that direction.