Thursday, February 11, 2016

I am so Excited!

Because I wanted to finish up the second pet bed and needed more scraps for it, I took out the bin that had pieces in it that needed to be trimmed to my special sizes. Those sample blocks I made were almost addictive! I made 20 of them so far, and know that its only just started to come together. 

The block calls for three 14" strips and seven 7" strips. Key to the 'design' is to have all 10 strips in each block be different. This pile represents maybe 1/4th of what was in the bin. I used up the smaller strips almost right away, and still need to trim the blocks I made for the pet bed project.

I'd like to go through one of the bins that has the smaller pieces in it and see if there are 2.5" strips to be had. I don't know how many of these blocks I need because there is no pattern to it other than how it is designed.

My excitement comes from using what might be considered waste from other projects. It will still take up room in my closet until it becomes part of a quilt, but now, it has a purpose and is a piece of art that is evolving. And that makes me excited to know that my vision for shopping from my closet and being able to make a quilt back that has as much integrity and artistry as its front. Yes, excited.

I almost felt like I was channeling women of a bygone era who made their quilts from old clothing. I would use one of the strips and remember where it came from: A baseball quilt I made Joey; a train quilt for Jackson; MattE's stars; and even Amy's cat quilt. Most of it were pieces of fabric that someone I love passed on to me. Every piece was leftover.

If these scraps stay scraps, someday someone might toss them because they don't know what to do with them. I am excited to focus on what is in my closet and make something of it.