Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Open Spaces

Usually, I am drawn to open spaces, like being on top of a mountain range and looking out over 5 more in the distance, or those long drives through the desert. However adventure is not always made up of distant lands and mountaintops, and rather it lies in my readiness to exchange my fireplace for a certain uncertainness in my simple life.

Today, I find that in several of the sampler blocks that are created with 4" squares within the 12" blocks that need more than outline stitches. They will be left until I finish the basics. I need to purchase one of those invisible ink pens and make templates to trace. I will use a heart-shape because of my theme for 2016, BE THE LOVE YOU SEEK. Placed in the right direction for the block, they will make a sweet addition. 

For now, its just getting the basics done. Adventure lies more in my attitude and approach to my life. As I quilt to make a gift for someone, it is setting inside the stitches the dreams for them to experience comfort and joy. It is my hope that they want to be surrounded by their quilt and dream their own dreams and plan their own adventures. 

And for me, it is enough.