Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Old Templates

I also inherited a few plastic quilting templates that never came out of their original packaging. When I tried to find the company that produced them, they were gone out of business. I was on my own to figure out what they would produce. I had no luck trying to find something like them.

The one I tried made a candle mat. Or at least, that is what my plan is for it. I know that I am not skilled in attaching binding in a small round. This piece measures about 9.5" and still needs a bit of finishing work on it, and turned out to be a version of the Dresden Plate pattern. The pieces were randomly arranged and were simply color coordinated to be more of a patriotic feel to them. I turned it inside out and am going to stitch up the opening.

It takes a lot of time and work to shop from my closet and 12 small pieces and a 10" square for the back barely made a dent in my stash. While these little things are nice, if I am going to move the fabric out of the closet, I am going to need to make some quilts. Thing is, even those will need to be personal lap size or no larger than a twin for me to manage the weight of them as I work.

What I did here was to take out the bin with my 2.5" strips, sort them by color and then start cutting them into 14" and 7" lengths. My plan is to alternate each row, so the blocks will get trimmed to about a 12" square. The plan is to match pieces block by block so that there are 3 longs and 7 shorts, and none of the 10 pieces in the block will be the same. When I run out of the shorts, the longs can be cut in half to work. It will end up being a very reversible looking quilt no matter what the top looks like. I'll quilt from the top and bet that the back will look splendid.