Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Little Small Things

Its been a little wild and crazy in my life lately. I need to simply admit that I am getting older (as are we all), and that the hard use I made of this body is starting to show up in wear and tear issues. I have been such a Personality Type A, that the biggest thing I face is learning how to rest and take more time to do things, to walk more slowly, to actually schedule time for naps...things that other people do or did all their lives. Along with all the aches and pains I feel comes dealing with the emotional impact of needing to change and adapt.

As I worked on the hand quilting, I discovered that a 2" section of a seam between the black print frame and the lime green sashing had not been joined properly. I took off the basting pins and went to the sewing machine with it to re-do the seam. Luckily, it was a block next to the last border, and while it was challenging to fix it, it was much easier than if it had been more to the middle of the quilt. Its coming along, and yet, there is so much more to do on it, and I spend a couple of hours every day with natural light doing the hand quilting.

While I did match two Hallows projects together and was excited to do more of my own version of black work embroidery, I could not find my two embroidery hoops. Shaking my head, I went to the fabric store in town and bought another wooden one and finished this square. This makes #4 of 12 patterns I am doing for the top of this Hallow's quilt. I am going to use the same framing and sashing method that is on Landi's Graduation quilt. I am not sure how this one will be quilted and need to focus on just doing the embroidery first.

Another one of the smaller projects is the prayer flag for the Swap-Bot series I am hosting. They are to be finished at 6" wide and 9" long with that 3" over the back for a sleeve. They are to be natural fibers, with nothing on them that might fall off and harm any wildlife. Simple. 

This one reflects the Blood Sister archetype and what I want to heal from those times in my life. Blood Sisters help us identify who we are and give us a sense of connection and loyalty to the sisterhood. Over my lifetime, I have had deep connections with people of all gender identities. I think my greatest lesson in those relationships is to remember that I am enough the way I am and what I do is enough, being just right. Not too much. Not too little. Enough.