Friday, February 26, 2016

Blocks #15 & #16

I stopped at the fabric stores in town for two things. One is a a fabric marking pen, and I picked up an orange batik with blue in it that I thought I was going to use for a Swap-bot project that turned out not to be what I want.

Marking pens come in many forms. I used this kind for the last quilt I made one of my Granddaughters, where ink disappears when exposed to air. Some inks disappear with water or the heat of an iron. On the downside, because it disappears on its own, you have to move fast. I think one pen lasted for that quilting, so I will make sure everything is done before opening it. 

There are only two blocks left to hand quilt before I do the outside border, and return to all the blocks with more quilting. Both of these blocks were 'official' with the group. I have a template for the border that needs the marker to outline its pattern.

The Hallows Swap is named 'Something Old, Something New, Something Scary, Something Blue'. Also, it needed to be something worth at least $20. Again, I shopped from my closet first. This is actually more challenging than one thinks. Luckily, blue is opposite orange on the color wheel. This part will be cut again with the Lil Twister, and then gets a final border. I've got a Hallows stripe that has the green, orange, black and white colors in it that works so much better than the batik I bought. Should be interesting.