Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ready For The Back

Although everything has a coat of snow outside, I can see Springtime flower shoots peaking up. Birds cleaned out the feeder three times this morning. The sky is blue. California blue. Fairy lights under the snow make it so magickal, and tracks on the snow are thrilling to see.

The grad quilt is 85"x85" and will need 7.5 yards to back it. I love the flange-piping, barely seen yet, striking when it is. Yes, the quilt turned out more orange even though most blocks were shades of red. And yet, I love it. I would like to shop for backing fabric soon and know that means more stash after it is cut.

The other project I did was to sort my 2.5" strips by color. What was there did not work with the grad quilt, and actually, it is a special gift so I want it to look special on both sides. It surprised me that sorted this way and rolled by color, the strips took up less space in the clear plastic box. Next, I need to take each color out and see if I can sort by size.

Then, I finished machine quilting one of FB 14 projects. I clipped threads and got it ready for binding. I think mono-chromatic quilting might be more acceptable to others. Colors thrill me. Bright colors.