Friday, February 5, 2016

Crash n' Burn

We used that phrase decades ago to say we were so tired and needed to stop what we were doing and rest. I resist a rest. Always have since I was a child. However with all that shopping yesterday, entertaining the day before and preparing to entertain the day before it, I was ready to crash n' burn if I didn't take a rest. So today, I decided to go through my quilting magazines AND go through the huge 3-ring binders of patterns I made so many years ago.

I know I want to quilt differently now that my goal of making a quilt for every family member has almost been met. So I climbed into bed with the binders and some newer magazines and started re-evaluating my plan. I pulled out everything from plastic sleeves that I knew had been a dream and were no longer what I envision. I need to spend time with the shredder because most were already double sided copies.

Then I am going through saved magazines with the same purpose. I am saving ideas for scrap quilting squares and rectangles, especially if the pattern would work for a back.

I am saving all house block ideas because I am enchanted with house block, or village quilts. They might be my quilting goal for 2017. It suddenly becomes positive potential to think differently, to assess what one likes or doesn't like, and to look very hard in the mirror to see yourself.

All that by resting in bed. Hmm. I may have to rethink the value of taking naps.