Monday, February 1, 2016

All About the Attitude

When I went to the fabric store to buy more for this grad quilt, I still wasn't thinking. I could say that I screwed up and didn't buy enough for the peeper border. I was looking at the information sheet that suggested 1.5" and said I would need 7 WOF strips. However, that measurement was for 12 blocks, not the 16. And of course, the store is closed until Tuesday. I could wait No peeper this time. 

Just because I screwed up didn't mean I was stuck or immobilized by the choice. My thinking was faulty, and so now it meant re-thinking and using what I had and moving along on the project.

I cut the fabric at 1" WOF and got 8 strips which are enough to make a piping on the edge of the lime green sashing. It goes on next. Then, I want to measure what is finished, and calculate how much yardage it takes to do the focus border. Its quite a bright quilt and none of the blocks stand out, which is a good thing. And it turned out to look more orange with the lime green, and that is okay. 

It is joyful for me to know that most of it was made by shopping from my closet to get the 11 FQs. I do need to find a backing fabric yet, and think I need to take the finished top with me. It is so busy. I might look at the tone-on-tones or perhaps a nice batik. 

One of my neighbors passed along some of her quilting magazines to me the other day. Lots to browse. I found one pattern that uses 2.5" strip scraps to make a modified rail fence pattern that would make a perfect back for a future project. It calls for two sizes of the strips, so the first thing I need to do is sort them into colors that work together. It is called "Lucky 13" and is designed by Jessica J.E. Smith. And she says the scrappier the better. What it means is that I can use up a lot of the 2.5" strips!

I spent more time taking a few of those Facebook 14 projects onto their next steps. I would like to keep working on them and get them shipped out over the coming months. With a little planning, I might be able to use the pattern above to do backs for them. It will be a challenge as well as being fun.