Sunday, January 31, 2016

Of Course

Yes. Another mystery.

I jumped whole-heartedly into this one and am loving the results.

I really thought I had enough fabric for the BOM quilt, yet, by expanding from 12 to 16 blocks, it ran short. I headed off to the store in town to pick up a bit more and got extra, just in case, and because stores in town are closed on Sundays and Mondays. That 'just in case' shopping is what builds stash. Most of the horizontal sashing is on, and the vertical sashing is cut. I need to finish up the horizontals, add the sides and the two borders.

Australian Quilters hosted this BOM. Here in the US, we word things differently, and rarely use metric systems. I misunderstood a part of the instructions (go figure) when it listed requirements for sashing, borders and binding. When the final layout was released before the final block, I could see the instructions in picture format. The blocks are framed first of all, then sashed. And the dark brown colored frame looks to be repeated as a small border. 

That small border is what they call a 'peeper' border in Australia. The graphic is very different from what I am used to seeing in quilts. I like it a lot, but its not what I planned for with this one. And I am not sure if it is actually framed twice. I guess it is up to interpretation. They did say that if you framed with a dark color to sash with a light color, or the other way with a light colored frame and a dark sash. 


The second set of instructions provided for more clarity say you can use the same fabric for the peeper as was used for the frame, and would also be used for the binding. You can also get a contrasting color, the instructions said. That information doesn't seem to appear with the first page of instructions that told how much fabric to buy; or if it was there, I didn't see it and still cannot see it. I wanted a less busy peeper border because of what I got for the focus fabric. AND it looks like that last border is small. It is. I planned the focus fabric to be larger than the 3" sashing. The pattern calls for it to be 2.5" and with the larger print I bought, that would not set it off the way it deserves. I did NOT see it as only 2.5" wide because I became used to using a larger print and making the last border wider.

Other quilts made in the group used the same fabric for the sashing and the last border, and they look charming. Mine is not following conventional thinking at all. I think they follow traditions better. It is all about choice, even though you don't know what your choices will bring. 

I brought home three fabrics for the peeper border and felt like Goldilocks trying out porridge, laying one out after the other. The green made it look too green and I wanted red. The red was too red and didn't compliment the blocks. The odd red with gold sparkly stuff was oddly just right. It sure will be interesting to see how it turns out. And now, I have two 1/4 yards of a red and a green that add to the stash. 

Good goddess!

So very little left of the Fat Quarters, so this was successful at destashing. I need to cut what I can from the bits to add to my scrap bins or the pet bed project.

I am drawn to the mystery quilt, loving how they turn out. Yet, I always feel over my head as I make them. What I did learn with this one was that I had to do things my way to be happy about it; There is always a price to pay with that method of living; If I am going to change the plan, there will be more work.