Saturday, January 23, 2016


Back to multi-tasking, the three projects were taken to their next steps. It seemed unnatural for me to force myself into a behavior that was uncomfortable. I tried to be singularly focused. It just didn't work for me. I didn't want to pile on guilt and shame about it, so just smiled and went back to the art of multi-tasking. Not everyone can do and I do it well.

I finished the back of that very cute and bright grrlie-grrl quilt I plan to donate to a fundraiser whenever it is needed. Over time, the cuts I made from scraps included the 5" strips called 'Dessert Rolls" that I made. I pulled out all the pastels, lights and a few brights and just started piecing them in a random way. I can make myself crazy if I try to make the scrappy look planned. Sometimes I do it. 

The next project I worked on was a Heart wallhanging for Autumn. Of course it needs a couple more borders to finish the top, but this is the most difficult part of it and is completed. Again, lots of scraps or leftovers here, placed together to make a lovely piece as either a wallhanging or a large table topper.

The last of the trio of projects to be completed are charm squares (5") as part of a quilt. Again, this part is the most time intensive for the quilt. Again, I pulled out the 70-something squares I needed and simply tried to have some sort of contrast as they got pieced in rows. Then, the next step in contrast was joining the rows for contrast.