Saturday, January 30, 2016

Prairie Queen

Why would anyone want stress in what they do for pleasure? There is so much in the world that harms us that we need to chose things and people, places and events that bring us pleasure without the pain. I remember my Granny telling me to always pick up a baby who was crying. She said they cry for specific reasons, and that we need to always pick them up and find out what is happening. She said there is enough in the world to cry about when we get older.

And now, I say that my life is worth enough so that I do not need to allow stress or trauma-drama into it without cause or reason. Quilting is something that I will make good choices about so that it is without the trauma-drama. This block is called the 'Prairie Queen' and I am including it in my Granddaughter's grad quilt so she has a cue to remember to be queen of her own life.

I've laid out the blocks, and want to live with them for the day and perhaps switch them out until I am happy with the arrangement. I am very glad I opted out of those last two BOM suggestions and put in my own ideas for six others to make it work.